Current Production Time: ~2 weeks / Ready to Ship items: ~3 working days



  • All items are handmade to order.
  • Sizing, colour, print patterns and shape may vary slightly.
  • Make sure you measure your furbabies before ordering 


Bowties and Sailor Bows come with 2 attachment options:

  1.  Velcro Strips - 2 velcro strips to wraps around your collar and attach to itself. Easily fit collars 2cm or above. It can be cut if it is a little too long.
    Recommended for MOST COLLARS, TAB Collars, martingale collars or harness straps.

  2. Elastic Loops - 2 elastic loops bands on the back designed to slip onto collars. Easily fit collars up to 2cm.
    Let us know if you have a smaller collar, we will make smaller loops
    Recommended for thinner collars, Soft Leather Collars from TAB, flea collars. 



Size Bowtie Sailor Bow Diamond Bow Recommend For
Petite 7x5 cm 7x11 cm 11x5 cm Cats & Small Dogs
Standard 9x7 cm 9x13 cm 13x7 cm Medium Sized Dog
Large 11x9 cm 11x15 cm 16x9 cm Large Dogs
XL 14x11 cm 14x17 cm 20x11 cm Giant Breed or Fluffy Large Dogs

* We suggest to order a size up if you have a chubby or fluffy furbaby


Bandanas are over collar style. easily slip onto collars of width under 2.5cm.

Size Bandana Recommend For
Petite 18cmW x 13cmH ; 3.5cm collar gap  Cats & Small Dogs
26cmW x 18cmH ; 5cm collar gap
Fit Most Dogs

* We suggest to order a size up if you have a chubby or fluffy furbaby



When measuring your furbaby's neck, place soft measuring tape around neck and leave space where you can fit two fingers comfortably. 
Adjustable, comes in width of 2cm or 2.5cm

Petite 22-28cm
Standard 27-38cm
Large 32-48cm
XL  37-58cm
  • For the best fit, pick the size where your dog’s neck measurement falls towards the middle of the range. 
    E.g. a dog with 38cm neck would do best with a size Large.



Felted pompoms thread together with soft elastic, designed to slip over your furbaby's head, nice and easy.

Size Measurements
Nano fit neck 18cm
Petite fit neck 24cm
Standard fit neck 30cm
Large fit neck 36cm
XL fit neck 42cm
Giant fit neck 48cm

*we suggest to order a size up if you have a fluffy furbaby!

Not sure about the size? Order one size larger, you can remove 1-2 pompoms and tie a knot for an easy fix! Let us know your actual neck size for a better fit!



We understand pets come in all different shapes and sizes. If you can't find a size that is right for you, please contact us and we are happy to make a custom size to fit your furbaby! :)